I support a holistic approach to nutrition; not just using food for a healthy body, but also integrating movement/fitness, relationships, and a positive mindset for wellness. The first step to fixing bad habits & lifestyle choices is a shift in mindset and attitude. I believe movement is medicine, and getting our bodies moving is the best way to achieve the mind + body connection.

To support our mind, body, and environment our food should be

  • local when possible
  • mostly plant-based
  • organic, non-GMO, and pesticide free (as much as possible!)

Forget eating low-vibe, lame foods that don’t support our environment or our bodies. Not only are we frequently out of touch to what is going on in our bodies, we are also disconnected from our natural environment in our modern society. One of the easiest ways to tap into the connection with our Earth is eating foods that are in season, local, and as close as possible to their original state.


My education and certification is through the UCSD Extension Integrative Nutrition Program. Through this program I was taught foundations of science-based nutrition, as well as using concepts from Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, and Chinese medicine for healing. I believe in bio individuality; there is no ideal diet for everyone. The best way for you to eat will be different from myself and your best friend; YOU are unique.

 I incorporate my knowledge of yoga, breath work and meditation, into health coaching. I received my 200hr yoga teacher certificate in Vinyasa/Hatha yoga through Yandara Yoga Institute, and 21 hour restorative yoga training through Yoga Garden SF.


I offer a FREE 20 minute introductory counseling session. This session will include:

  • Any questions you may have
  • Discuss goals you have
  • Determine the best approach to reach your goals
  • How many following sessions would be best
  • Cost

I am available for in person meetings, as well as over the phone and Skype meetings.

All following sessions will be based on a sliding scale, depending on your income. I also offer payment plans which we can customize for your individual financial situation. Most nutrition counseling sessions run for about $125/hr, and I am well aware that this is not affordable for everyone. My goal is to be able to support those who typically don’t have access to this service and would greatly benefit from it; young adults, college students, and low-income families.  I want everyone to have access to nutrition  counseling so you can be stoked and feel bomb AF in your body!

Fill out the form below to get started with a free, no-strings attached consultation.

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