About Ashlen

Hi! My name is Ashlen, and I am a writer, author, health coach, and yoga teacher. After improving my life through finding yoga and following a plant-based diet, I decided I wanted to share what I learned with others. One way I do this is through the “vegan cheese and wine pairing events” that I host. I also offer sliding scale health coaching, meditation, and yoga classes so ALL can afford it.

The purpose of my life is to have as many varied experiences as I can. For starters, I’ve lived in a van for a year, worked on a pineapple farm in Hawaii, lived in a vintage trailer, did a yoga teacher training in Mexico, lived out of a tent in the middle of a forest for 3 months, and I’m currently writing my 1st book.

Contact: Ashlenkw@gmail.com

Instagram: @ashlenkate